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For those who claim there is no intelligent life on the Internet, this series of pages were created. I present poetry, previously published and unpublished, so that others may come and be inspired by what they see. I will gladly include pieces by others who have been inspired by their visit here, so send your submissions to my e-mail. My own pieces came first, but look small compared to some of the verse I've received from friends. Artworks by masters like Boris Vallejo & Val Mayerik are included, as well as some wonderful pictures sent me by friends (I always try to give credit where credit is due), and I have recently included links to the lyrics of the songs I've used (just click on the song title) [added note: Due to space restrictions, all pictures and artwork have been limited to 75-100 ppi. An apology for the related quality.]

(March 2017: On coming in and going through my site, most of the midi's were no longer working. Sorry. No more music.)

This site will always be changing, so come by often.

You never know what the Mirror of Galadriel will show you......

Come closer, and look into my magic basin...

"Here is the Mirror of Galadriel....I have brought you here so that you may look in it, if you will"
- JRR Tolkien "The Fellowship of the Ring"

Galadriel in Lothlorien

NEW November 1, 2016: As the people on Facebook know, I had a seizure on June 23/24 (it was around midnight when we hit the hospital in Millinocket) and the CAT scan showed "something unusual". I was taken to Portland while Bill was packing up all our stuff and getting all our camp gear back to Gray. An MRI showed that I had a Glioma (a brain tumor), and I spent almost all of July in the hospital as they were trying to get it out.
The oligodendroglioma, as it turned out to be, is Stage Two - which basically a pretty tame as those go - and, at this point, I've been through radiation. Chemotherapy starts next week.
So if you're calling Northern Bard Publications about doing a web page, that has been temporarily scrapped. It takes everything I can do right now to deal with my day to day, so expecting me to deal with a web site build is a bit much to deal with. I AM doing some editing, but I'm nowhere near my normal skill.
Please keep this in mind as you get in touch with me: I'm trying to stay alive and some days, it's good. Other days, I sleep a lot.
Please also go to my blog, Living In A Writer's Head, and read the blogs that mention "Ghosts". This has allowed me to keep in touch with everyone and still function.
Thank you for understanding, and Blessed Be.

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SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR OCTOBER 2004: HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM FRYEBURG FAIR but leaving up all year 'round because it's a fun picture *grin*


Gala's Poems 1: Three of my own poems
Gala's poems 2: Three more poems
Gala's Poems 3: Two poems (one quite long)
Gala's Poems 4: Three poems (hitting the bottom of the barrel)
Borrowed works: Poems from other people and images from one of Rabe's links
Borrowed Works 2: Poems by an online friend called Mickey Mouse...very nice
Borrowed Works 3: Poetry from BITEME!!/FB, who shows he can do more than find excellent graphix
Borrowed Works 4: Poems sent to me through a "Maine-iac" friend...by two of HER friends
Belladonna's Page: Poems by Belladonna of QCC....inspiring work
Galadriel's Tribute to Tolkien: a favorite poem of mine from "The Tolkien Reader"
Poems by Famous Writers: The King of Fantasy and the Queen of Romance, together on one page
Local Poets: As published in "The Pequawket Valley News" apx. 1985 - 1992


The Ice Storm of '98: A tale from a survivor - with pics from the Portland Press Herald
Up Yours With A Paddle: Superburnerman returns in a tale of the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race - from 1997
The 2001 Vacation Odyssey of Avatar and Galadriel: The tale of a long-awaited family vacation
Night of the Tiger - Opening to a romance novel: The first few chapters of my first major publication, published as an ebook in September 1999...and as a nation-wide paperback in February 2008
Re-released by Northern Bard Publications in November 2015
The Tiger's Cub - the intro to the sequel of Night of the Tiger (Published November 2013)
Re-released by Northern Bard Publications in March 2015
A Wild Tiger's Heart- an introduction to the third book of The Tiger Series - with photos from the recent cover shoot. Released by Northern Bard Publications in November 2014
In Memory of Memere: Thoughts about my grandmother, who passed away on August 25, 1998
Attention Texans!!!: a tribute to a family member lost before her time - updated 9/8/06
The Great Pumpkin Caper: another Superburnerman tale (when I get it finished...*grin*) - photos added 4/12/05
In the Beginning, there was a Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel in the works: and I'm taking any thoughts you may have on this one BEFORE it hits the publisher..... (added 9/08/07)
Fireblossom and the Dream Weaver intro: While the sci-fi characters are busy arguing about where the story should go, I'm working to complete this historical romance.
If this is courage, why am I so scared?:A true piece written from the heart about cancer, loss - and my lack of courage.

The Dow Family Tree: Having started researching in 1980, I have a lot of stuff to share. Like, 9 generations.....
And a multitude of apologies, as it's not July 17, 2017 - and I haven't been coming in to place more people in this Family Tree. I'll try to get more people up, if the Chemo obeys this time.


Galadriel's Info & Links: Do I really have to explain this one??
Pictures by a Maine-iac: Sights from here and there in my home state
Pictures by a Maine-iac Part 2: More pictures of Maine things (mostly our pets, past and present)
Pictures by a Maine-iac Part 3: By popular demand, pictures of myself & my family
Pictures by a Maine-iac Part 4: More pictures of me and my family - for real this time!! *smile*
Four Generations: Some people from my past
Mindless Meanderings: An semi-organized look at a disorganized mind
Our 25th Anniversary Renewal of Vows: Not even going to explain this one, as it's all in the title....lol


And now the lecture: Please note that all the works on these pages belong solely to the poets/writers who wrote them or artists who created them. I only put them here to share them with you and have included some form of recognition of the original artists whenever they have been known - not only satisfy copyright laws, but to give credit where credit is due. If you wish to use them, please be sure to protect copyrights of those whose artistic abilities went into the creation of these pages by giving them credit. Quoting an artist is a form of flattery. Claiming their works as your own is plagiarism.
One more: Posting their work without their permission (especially a whole book for free that is for sale on Amazon) is Copyright Infringement and you CAN be sued for income you have taken away from the artist.

NEW IN 2013: Taking the advice of several "experts" in the media biz, I started a structured blog in June. It interested, please come and visit at Living In A Writer's Head

I'm pleased to announce that I am a proud winner of Yashti's "Eternal Dreamer" Award
.....and thank you to all involved in choosing me for this honor

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Special thanks to BITEME!/FB (a chat room friend) for finding many of the unclaimed gifs that grace my "world", to Joe Barta for the truly fantastic HTML tutorial that helped me make these pages look so nice, and to all my kind, caring friends for their support. In a world where violence and hate make the front page news, I feel truly blessed to have found so many loving hearts on the Internet. Blessed Be.

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